1. What are the different kinds of coaching?
2. What is executive coaching and business coaching?
3. How coaching can help you and your company?
4. What is the Return on Investment (ROI) of Business and Executive Coaching?
5. What is different about the coaching process at Fortune100coach.com?
6. Why do you offer a FREE, no obligation coaching session?
7. Do you provide any kind of guarantee?
8. How can I obtain more information about coaching or Fortune100coach.com coaching?



Currently, there are two major branches of Professional Coaching: Personal Coaching and Business Coaching, but each is quickly gaining sub-specialties. Each one goes by various names.

For example, Personal Coaching is also known as life coaching, success coaching, personal life coaching, and career coaching. It is commonly used to help everyday people in their personal lives accomplish their dreams and grow personally. Usually, it does not focus on professional development, leadership skills, company profitability, management training, business development, team building, organizational development, or change management.

Business coaching is also known as: executive coaching, corporate coaching, management coaching, small business coaching, sales coaching, and leadership coaching, to mention a few. There are distinctions and separations between these areas and even the specific names, but the primary differences are in: the people served and the problems most commonly encountered, rather than the techniques used, the coach’s ability, their training, or even their personal experiences.

The coaches at Fortune100Coach.com specialize in Business Coaching. Our coaching is typically tied to:

Your personal performance Your personal leadership style
Enhancing your leadership skills Team Building activities
Your team’s performance Motivating your people
Improving their productivity Your career development
How to grow your company Strategies for building your
Executive Leadership Development Management Training
Strategic planning for future
business growth




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